Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Final Countdown: Saturday

I woke up this morning and decided to take my time moving around. My intention was to leave around 8, get to Cambridge by 9:30, ride for an hour, do my stuff and chill out. I didn't leave until well after 10, and it was already seering outside. Super hot, super humid. The fog at the Bay Bridge was absurd. I got out to Cambridge and it was considerably cooler. I did all my stuff, definitely a different experience from Columbia, although every pre-race like this is familiar in some way. I ran into my buddy Matias and we chatted for a while as we picked up our numbers. I then headed back over to transition and dropped off my bike. Everything feels good, we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

I then drove the 30 minutes to Salisbury, my home for the evening. Emily, Bryan and I spent most of the afternoon inside either the hotel or restaurants, as it was too hot to do anything else. Finally around 8:15 I went for my shakeout run. I decided against riding today, as there was generally no need to exert myself anymore than necessary, or further dehydrate myself. I'm reminded of Lance Armstrong's 2003 time trial meltdown and so I am erring on the side of caution. It's certainly not going to help me win the race. But I did do a very short, very slow shakeout run. I felt terrible, which I actually don't mind. I'd rather feel terrible right now than awesome. Awesome means something's wrong.

It is going to be a tough day tomorrow. Temps today were in the high 90s, feeling like 103. Tomorrow's expected highs in Baltimore and DC are 97 and 99, respectively, and out here probably about 95. The surface temp of the road is going to be hot enough to melt my shoes. I've tried to go with as many light colors as possible. If I think I need to drink, I should drink twice as much. I've got salt tabs. I guess I'm ready as I'll be.

Here we go!

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