Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Countdown: Thursday

It was another warm day today, I'll be much happier if it just stays like this for the next few days. Maybe it will be so hot that there won't be any wind, which would be great on the bike and swim, and I'd deal with it on the run. They're calling for high 80s on Sunday, so you've got to figure that by 9:45-10:00, when I'm running, it's going to be toasty.

Taking yesterday off seemed to help a little bit. I was definitely tired, from what I don't know, but it probably worked out for the best. I got home a little after 6 today and Nick came over to ride around 6:45. We headed out Route 40 to White Marsh Blvd, then took Eastern Ave back home through Middle River and Essex. I haven't been on my bike since last Wednesday, and my legs felt great. They felt fresh, but I avoided the urge to crush it, as I would like to keep them feeling fresh the next few days. More importantly, my foot felt alright as I pedaled. It hurt a little when I stood, but I shouldn't have to stand too much on Sunday.

It was an easy 30 miles, and I got home and felt good enough to run. That's a good sign. I did not run, but I'm pretty sure my body will remember what to do on Sunday and I think I'll be able to get into the low 6 minute range off the bat. To me, the faster the better, I'd rather blow up then go out too conservatively.

Prognosis now looks good, I didn't take any ibuprofen today, I don't plan on taking any tomorrow unless I absolutely need to. I have only been drinking water the whole week, no Coke or iced tea. Probably eat pretty light over the next few days, try to keep the liquids up and rest and stretch.

For the week, I only missed Tuesday's planned run and yesterday's planned ride. I expect to swim tomorrow morning and then run at some point tomorrow, might try to get out in the hot part of the day for a minute.

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