Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Countdown: Wednesday

The end result of today is that I'm no further along than I was yesterday. I wound up taking the day off, fueled partly by being tired and partly due to the nasty storm that rolled through around 4 o'clock. It really didn't stop, so I didn't get to the pool, and wasn't riding my rollers today. It was hot and humid, and I was melting. Not a good sign for Sunday.

The foot feels mildly better, but it's very tight. I'm still taking ibuprofen. I need to try and run tomorrow, and if possible, get out on my bike.

Keeping me going have been all the messages wishing me the best for the race, and believe it or not, a few fun blog posts by Chuckie V, whose blog I read. I like his perspective, it's an old school POV from one of the pros with the most flair in the sport. I hate that the WTC (Ironman governing body) refers to half-Ironmans as "Ironman 70.3" now. 70.3 of course represents the distance, in miles, of the race. I guess it's pretty easy to say, but it sounds dumb. Just say half-Ironman.

On Potential


The Single Worst Thing About Triathlon

I'll be back with tomorrow's update, we've only got tomorrow, Friday and Saturday before the gun. Starting to really feel the nerves. On a side note, I talked with Brian Shea today, owner of Personal Best Nutrition, coach, great athlete and all-around good guy. He coaches Scott DeFilippis, who, among others, will be competing for the Hawaii slot in our age-group. Scott ran a 1:05 half last year and a 2:24 debut marathon. I used to race "against" him in high school, and his brother was my sister's XC coach in high school. The guy has gotten quite proficient at triathlons, and with his running skills, he's going to be a tough competitor. Can't worry about it now, but his training volume is probably double mine. Fortunately I'm pretty good on the bike these days, so I need to make hay in the event that my foot acts up.

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