Friday, October 30, 2009

Falls Apart

Wow, how much changes in just a few days...

I started the week hopeful to get back into the rhythm after an abnormal weekend. After the doctor on Tuesday, I went to PT on Wednesday morning and figured I'd get back on track, but I started to feel pretty crappy. Thinking the better of doing something that would make me feel worse, I took the day off. By Wednesday night, I was not feeling well at all. And by Thursday morning I was definitely sick. No pool/workout for me.

Thursday nights, since 2001, I've had a longstanding tradition. I have hardly ever missed an episode of Survivor (actually, I've never missed an episode, except for the entire season of China which I was boycotting. Not because it was in China, but because I was tired of not getting picked to be on the show). For the last 4.5 years, I've been having these Survivor Thursday nights with cousin Emily, but last night was the end of an era.

She and Bryan were leaving this morning, headed to Tampa, to begin their new life as Floridians. They are going to have a little baby in March, so it's a very exciting time for them.

Of course, for me, that means I'm now in the house by myself, as I am going to continue to live here. It's the first time I'll have lived completely alone, and it's definitely weird with nothing and no one in the house. Mad emptiness. When I have/feel like spending money, I'll have to acquire things like a couch or chairs or sources of light.

I woke up a bunch in the middle of the night to a nasty cough, and knew that I would be putting others at risk of getting sick if I went to PT today, so I called Stavros at 6am and said I wouldn't be able to make it. I walked down to the gym around 1, Justin and I were supposed to swim, but I wasn't getting in the water. Instead I just coached from land.

I'm feeling marginally better, but not enough to be able to do anything. Annoying as I've now just lost a week.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year - Halloween. A holiday that enables you to assume a different identity and revel in debauchery. As long as I've lived here, I've never missed an actual Halloween night in Fells Point. This year, being a Saturday, I'm particularly excited. An extra hour of sleep (or extra hour at the bar) and then the NYC Marathon on Sunday. A great weekend indeed, hope I can feel better soon.


Kristie said...

Life. Always changing. Sounds like you get to be totally Mr. Independent. You could be the inspiration for Kelly Clarkson's newest song. Stay positive and enjoy the entirety of your day tomorrow. Next to July 4th, there is no other day that compares. Soak it all in, and get better quickly!

Johnnie Cochran said...

"Chicken Ranch"

There, problem solved.

fbg said...

Hell yeah Halloween's the best day of the year!! (in the U.S.) I've been trying to convince everyone here that that's true, but they don't know what it's all about yet. I hope it was fun.

As for making money: I've been flipping through a book called "The Four Hour Work Week" and this guy has almost the same perspective on life and work that I do. The big difference between him and me is that he's not afraid to be rude or confrontational in order to get what he wants. But, what I want say is that there's a chapter in the book about how to generate a cash flow that takes work to get started, but basically goes by itself after that. He says what we need is a niche market (think specialty magazines) and then we develop/find a product that costs $5-20 to manufacture, and then with the right advertising you can sell it for ten times that. Even a few dumbasses per week buying it would be a bunch of money. So, I don't know about all this, but the rest of the book is very well-written, and the guy is obviously very smart. I kind of want to try this out and see if it's bullshit, but I'm having trouble thinking of a market or product. Maybe you can think about it, or check out the book. Apparently using Google advertising and Ebay, you can check the viability of your product before you start it all up.

Just a thought. I probably should have emailed you about this instead of commenting about it, but whatever. I've already written it here.