Monday, October 05, 2009

Bloomin' Onion

As we all know, thanks to Outback, but the bloomin' onion - a glorious heap of battered and fried onion shards - is, in fact, the national dish of Australia.

When I lived there, me and my friends would ask every restaurant we went to if they served bloomin' onions and then when they said no, would feign disbelief. Surely they had to serve it if Outback did.

For the first time since I've lived here, I visited the Outback Steakhouse on Boston Street. I've driven by it more than 1 million times and whistle (ahem, hum) the song everytime I go by. I don't dislike Outback, but it's one of those places that I'm generally not going to choose to go. But since a few of us went to the Orioles game on Sunday and received a scratch off card for a special surprise at Outback, we decided to hit it up after Fells Point Fest.

It was actually a pretty busy Sunday - 6:45 wake up to drive down to DC with Jen and Arjun. We spectated the SHIT out of Army Ten Miler. On the road at 9:30 back to Baltimore. Got to the game about 50 minutes late, which somehow put them in the 4th inning. Fortunately for us we still got our money's worth as the game went into 12 innings. It was mad nice in the stadium. Then we headed over to Fells Point Fest, kicked it there for a minute and then it was Outback time.

Oh, the scratch off cards - yeah we're pretty sure they were all good for a free bloomin' onion. I've never eaten onion rings before, and generally I'm not a fan of onions or fried versions therewithin.

Today I had a better day at PT, at least I think I did. Hard to say when the tasks they prescribe seem so menial, yet I can't turn a pedal due to my knee's lack of desire to bend. It was mad nice out again, so I then went to the gym only to discover that the pool is still closed. WTF Merritt, get that shit open. When it's the only thing I CAN do, I want to be able to do it! Lifted instead and then headed home. Then I got antsy so I walked the 3.75 miles to Federal Hill (59:20, not bad) and hung out at Fed Hill Runners. Sad that I missed all the Mondays in September.


Rebs said...

you didnt actually report on your bloomin onion experience...did you like it?

RM said...

It wasn't bad - I certainly couldn't eat it with any frequency. I don't really like onions and had never had an onion ring before, so it was a surprise that I liked it.

I might also discuss my first public bus ride from yesterday.

Rebs said...

yay for public transit in Baltimore! Can't wait to hear your uncensored account. I personally love it.