Saturday, October 03, 2009

4 Weeks Post

Yesterday marked 4 weeks since surgery, and I've got to say, I honestly thought by 4 weeks I'd be on a bike in a real way.

Instead, I walked down to my physical therapy place down here - Canton Orthopaedic and Sports Rehabilitation ( - to start working again with my boy Stavros Rologas, and found that I'm way behind in my rehab.

He feels like I probably should have spent another week or two on crutches as my knee is constantly bent at too much of an angle. It sits around 10-12 degrees, far from the 0 I need it to be at. Basically every step that I take I'm just reinforcing the problem, so the #1 objective is to get the knee to 0. The bending will come, apparently.

My tibia or fibula, one of those two, still hurts a little from where they drilled into the bone to insert the bioabsorbable screws. And when Stavros worked me over, I was not feeling swell for most of the rest of the day. I also had to sit on the stationary bike and the objective here was to get my knee to go all the way around. I had to raise the seat up to its highest level, and even then I still had to adjust my form just to force it around. It wasn't pretty.

It's tough because within 4 weeks of getting hit, I was able to do so much more. This past week was another rough one, and it makes you forget what feeling good even ever felt like. I'm approaching 3 months now of this injury affecting me, and I'd guess it's going to be another month til I'm really able to ride and probably another month after that til I can run.

The ongoing legal drama has become even more complex, and I believe that it will not be settled for quite a while.

So it's Saturday, and it's pretty nice. I'd like to walk down to Fells Point Festival, but it's pretty far and I probably shouldn't walk that much. But it's really nice out so I'm torn. Also today the O's are 2 games away from ending the season, and there are tons of college football games on.

Next week is another week of the PT grind, hoping to get to a point where I can move around better as we've got the Baltimore Marathon expo on Thursday and Friday, and then the Marathon et al on Saturday.


fbg said...

I think 98 Degrees is the correct angle at which to get bent.

That being said, I don't think my knees make it to 0 degrees, either. I'm looking at them, knowing full well that they're in the "obtuse" range because I'm a mathematician, but I don't think they can make a "straight" angle. [Insert homo joke here.]

RM said...

98 degrees is honest to God one of my favorite musical acts of all time. Invisible Man was my jam back in 1997/1998.

It's probably okay if both of your knees don't bend to 0. I just have to make sure both my knees bend to the same level. Maybe I should tear my left ACL so that I can get them on the same page.

And yes, I try to not use the term straight when describing my knee because I feel like someone is going to make a joke, so then I try to use a different word like extend!