Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Weeks Notice

Surgery was only two weeks ago, but it has felt like an eternity. I've been festering inside for these two weeks, only going outside to make my MWF trips to physical therapy. I've watched a lot of movies, and a lot of the same movies multiple times. Fortunately, the new season of television is underway so at night I have new things to watch.

I think because it took so much energy, both physical and mental, to get over the initial shock of the injury back in July, I don't have that much right now. I anticipated a drop in morale after surgery, but I don't feel like doing anything - mostly because I can't. At least when I still had my old ACL I was able to pretty quickly get back into the pool, lift, and was even able to ride a bike within a few weeks.

A big difference is that the days are shorter, the weather is cooler and the leaves are changing color. It no longer is the middle of the summer, but rather full on fall.

My improvement seems to be moving at a glacial pace, or roughly the pace I was moving in the last 10 miles of the Boston Marathon this year. But there have been some improvements.

Last week, my first at PT, my extension and bending were poor. 0 degrees is straight out and 140 is about as far as you bend your knee. Mine was at 10 and 35. That was Monday, 4 days after surgery. Wednesday I missed due to my trip to the ER, and I don't think he took a measurement on Friday.

By Monday I had managed to get to 2 and 60, Wednesday was 0 and 70, and today I managed to go 0 and 88. Almost got to 90 but I was not successful.

Apparently 90 degrees is the goal for the end of week 3 on the ACL protocol, which means I'm almost a week up on just where I should be able to bend to. I am able to do some mini wall squats, which are embarrassing because it shouldn't be hard but it is impossible for me.

My mom is also going to physical therapy for her Achilles tendon, so we go together. We are a family of cripples.

If by next week I am still not able to walk better, it means I can't come back to Baltimore. Since my physical therapy place is about a mile and a quarter away, I have to be sure I can walk at least that far without a problem in order to be able to return. So I may end up being here another week or more.


Melissa said...

You were a trooper to cheer everyone on while on crutches...not that I needed cheering given my ridiculous situation, but thanks anyway!

In answer to the question you posed on my blog- yes, I am a huge Survivor fan. I've watched every season except for a few when I was in college and actually had a life. Last week's premiere showed promise, along with a healthy dose of racism and sexism. That Russell character is such a cartoon villain. Hopefully they were showing a lot of him in the first episode because he gets voted off quickly and not because he makes it to the end...although I guess he makes for good TV! My pick at this point is Mick. How about you?

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