Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Triangle

There are a few things in my life that I take great pride in being a fan of. Vanilla Coke. Pizza. Natalee Holloway. The Bermuda Triangle. The ability to watch shitty movies over and over again. One of these movies is a certain little made-for-TV flick by the name of The Triangle. It stars Dan Cortese, Luke Perry and Olivia D'abo, daughter of former Bond girl, Maryam D'abo (I may have flipped their first names, forgetting who is the elder).

The movie arrives on TV every so often, either on TBS or SciFi. I usually find out about its presence on the guide when I look up TRIathlon. Inevitably, it's on at some hour reserved for infomercials and sex chat lines (what??), therefore I set the DVR to record. It's a story of 3 friends who go on a fishing trip to the Bermuda Triangle, only to find out that Luke Perry tricked them. He's broke and is hoping to find a ship that vanished decades prior that would hold invaluable treasure.

As luck would have it, they get caught out in an eerie jaundiced fog and poof! - there's the ship. Since their radio equipment is fried, they board the ship in hopes of finding a working radio. While aboard, some weird shit starts happening, ultimately leading in the death of one of the friends, and then Luke Perry goes crazy and has to be put down also. Dan and Olivia make their way out and are able to get back on their tiny little boat. Then the ship starts moving toward them - very hastily - and they have to abandon. Everything goes down in a sea of flames, and the two find safety on a little raft. Eventually they're found, and apparently it's 7 years after their boat was reported missing. Great little movie. But don't take my word for it (Reading Rainbow).

The point is, in a very roundabout way, that Luke Perry, made famous for his role as Dylan on 90210, is cashed out and desperate and is willing to risk it all for that one glorious treasure. While I certainly don't feel cashed out and/or desperate, I am always willing to risk it all for glory. Last week I was starting to get a little nervous about my form. I felt like garbage and was worried that I had overshot the whole thing. I took Saturday off completely, which was my first day without training since November 30. 132 days of running, riding and swimming had taken its toll, and it was about time I had a break. I ran an easy 8 on Sunday, and then last night my legs felt much better.

Today I did my first, and probably last, track workout for a while. Ben had 4x1200 w/2:00 recovery on tap. I was hoping to start at 4:00 and work down to 3:50. The first one was 4:00, the second was 4:00. I didn't feel completely taxed, but I felt uncoordinated and awkward. The third I had to work to hit 4:00, and I slipped a little on the 2nd lap of the 4th and finished at 4:01. Wow, did not expect that. But hey, it could have been a lot worse, I feel like last week I would have struggled to run 85s.

All in all I'm feeling much more positive going into this weekend and starting to actually get excited. I'm less concerned going into this race than I was for NYC, which is good. I'm going to stoke the fire a little by finally watching Paris-Roubaix, the Hell of the North - probably the most difficult classic in cycling.

In other news, I found out recently that Kris and I, despite having no other television habits in common, both watch NBC's "Chuck." And in other OTHER news, I wrote a really sweet finale episode for the show, since it'll probably be canceled at the end of this season. I'll save that for another post. HOLY CRAP, Paris Roubaix is in crystal clear HD on VS. This is awesome. I've never seen anything like it. I just wish they could have put the 2003 TdF in HD.


THE KRIS said...

first off, i like that you rightly put dan cortese's name before luke perry. second, thanks for outing me as a chuck watcher.

RM said...

Kris, as BG will undoubtedly make fun of me, it's better than being a "Lost" watcher.


fbg said...

Chuck watcher!!!But seriously, I'm totally down with Dan Cortese; I just forget why.

EL said...

1. You are down with Dan Cortese because he is mad hot.

2. Is the Triangle still on the DVR? I heart that movie.

3. Wasn't Olivia D'abo on the Wonder Years?

RM said...

Em, I think she WAS on the Wonder Years - good memory!

And, like a Christmas morning surprise, or a surprise when you lift the toilet lid and there's a dump, or a surprise when you forget about a hidden Easter egg for months - I turned the downstairs DVR on this morning and THERE WAS THE TRIANGLE!

It's as if I set them up weeks in advance, forget about it and then have a surprise. Maybe we can watch it tonight!