Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thanks For the Memories

What a week! The highlight came on Tuesday morning when I got word that my job was eliminated, effective immediately. That certainly threw me for a loop as it was completely unexpected. Certainly things could always be worse, but it still sucks.

As a result, I no longer have a vehicle, since it was a company car. The company was not very helpful, so I wound up driving to an office in White Marsh so they could pick it up, and I rode my bike home. That was Wednesday, so fortunately it wasn't terribly cold, but it wasn't very warm. At least it's only 12 miles away.

The good news was that I actually rode my trainer for the first time this season. I managed 90 minutes on Tuesday night. Rides over 90 minutes I always prefer the rollers, and didn't have the patience for that this week.

I did start feeling better running this week too. Wednesday was a quick paced run (for me, given my current fitness) of 12 miles @ 6:25 avg. I was a little tired on Thursday, but Friday, Kip and I hit Patapsco in the late afternoon for a 10 mile run. It was cold, dark and still throughout the park, but it was probably my best run of the new season.

Saturday I hit another 9 with Kip, and my current flavor is to do work everytime the road turns upward. I've been taking easy days really easy and putting in more specific efforts. Today I ran for 2 hours - 20ish minutes more than I've done this year and I felt alright doing it (with the exception of a liquidation event about 85 minutes in). 58.5 miles this week caps a great three week stretch for me of 169 miles. That's normally a month's worth of running for me.

I was going to try and ride today since the temperature is more hospitable, but I'm actually pretty worked from the run and the hour is late right now to go outside.

Weekly Totals:

Swim: 8000 meters (two swims, eh)
Bike: 40 miles
Run: 58.5 miles

12 1/4 hours

The week ahead: I've obviously now got the task of finding a new job, so I will begin with that process this week. At the same time, I will focus a little on getting in a real quality week - hoping for about 200 miles on the bike (it'll be a short week as I am going to Miami on Friday) and 60 miles of running, culminating in the half down in MIA on Sunday.


fbg said...

A liquidation event? Must everything go?

A water-landing evacuation? A Caribbean mudslide? Oceanic seismic event? Talking to the repo man? Composting? Fertilizing the crops?

alyssa said...

Your emo post title had me thinking you were peacing out or something weird. Glad to see that doesn't seem to be the case.

RM said...

Ha, Alyssa, I see your point. I probably should have saved the title for when I do actually do that.

And it's not really an emo post, Fall Out Boy or whatever group sings that song is xxxhardcorexxx

alyssa said...

The post itself is not emo. The title is mad emo though, as Fall Out Boy is "[...] widely considered to be a pop punk band, [but] is often described as emo and cites emo group The Get Up Kids as an influence."

*section 4, "musical style"