Monday, January 05, 2009


A few weeks ago I had a few packets of Roctane (made by Gu) sent over to me to try out, and, now that I've consumed them all, I wanted to take a moment to review them.

For starters, I'm a big fan of Gu. I have eaten the chocolate Gu religiously over the years, as they provide calories and also taste good, are easy to transport, and, most importantly, are a tremendous flat-fixer. If you ever get a flat and there is a noticeable gash in your tire, just eat one and stick it in the casing of the tire before putting the tube in. It'll protect the tire til you can get a new one, or in my case, can be ridden on for two years.

I then started eating Vanilla Gu, which is the best tasting one.

The Roctanes came and I wasn't sure what they were all about - they looked like normal Gu but I guess there is something different about them. Maybe more caffeine. Anyway, the flavors were Blueberry Pomegranate and Orange Creme or Orange Vanilla or something.

I brought them with me on each of my 50 mile rides over the 4 days I was home, and ate one at 90min and one at 2h15m. They provided an immediate boost of energy, moreso than the normal Gu, and weren't that bad tasting. I'll say I enjoy the Orange flavor better, and probably wouldn't buy Blueberry on my own, but I also don't like blueberry that much to begin with.

My recommendation is to always keep flavors simple - the more flavor combos you do, the more chance you have to mess up.

But these were some tasty little snacks and great for rides or runs, and now that I'm aware of them I'll probably make sure to carry one or two with me for that extra jolt when needed.

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