Monday, February 06, 2012

Hitting the Reef

We've all hit the proverbial "wall" in running, and perhaps the air's been "let out of our tires" on a ride before. But what happens when you are DONE in the water? On Friday night's 75x100m session, Alyssa coined the term "hitting the reef."

I loved it, it's great. If you've ever hit the reef, literally, you know how bad it hurts. Coral cuts and scratches, and then mixed with the salt it starts to sting. It is very painful, although perhaps not as bad as the sunburn on your back from snorkeling for 3 hours in the Great Barrier Reef.

For Alyssa, it was at 7000m that she hit the reef.  The final set of 10x100 was 25 sprint, 25 back, 50 free easy, and as she came off the wall on the back stroke, it was like POOF, done.  This 7500m evening was the "cherry on top of the ice cream on top of the cake" that has been her 2012 swim camp.  Alas, no rest for the weary, as this coming Saturday we embark on a Coach Hil staple: 100x100.  3 hours in the Merritt Pool = not sure if I will still have flesh by the end.

For me, since I am so "sexy at swimming" (refer to Ben's blog from last week), I was able to do it, but it took a lot out of me.  I swam 30,000 meters last week - the most I've ever done in a week by a couple thousand, and fairly close to what I was swimming each month last year.  Alyssa must have a clear lead in the Merritt 100 Mile Challenge as she sits at 74 miles.  I think I'm at 53.  My 100 mile projected ETA is the end of the first week of March. 

Meanwhile, I did manage to actually ride my bike once last week.  I realized I didn't miss it.  I'm honestly just not feeling the bike right now.  I did run 45 miles, including a very sloppy, very difficult 2 hours in Patapsco yesterday.  My knee did not like the constant torquing on the ice-like mud that coated the trail. 

From the world of running, there was a half marathon in Japan where 24 men were under 1:02:00, 47 were under 1:03:00, and 75 were under 1:04:00 - that's pretty insane.  You do NOT see races that stacked.  But in Japan, it must be the norm, after all, in the Fukuoka Marathon you need to have qualified with a 2:42, and if at any point during the race you slip below 2:46 PACE, you get pulled.  They have a van that scoops you off the course. 

I haven't watched the highlights of this weekend's New Balance Grand Prix meet from Boston, but I saw most of the results on Twitter on Saturday.  Seems like a pretty solid meet, big names going head to head.  Makes me ready for outdoor season to be here because it means we'll be one step closer to the Olympics!

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