Friday, November 18, 2011

Traveling Somewhere

Could be anywhere....(but it's not, it's Phoenix)

Well, there was a little coldness in the air yesterday as we flew out of Baltimore, but upon our arrival in Tempe, even as the sun was setting, we were greeted by nice, warm, dry air.  And of course, I started to feel sick.  I honestly don't know what my problem is, but it's like Louisville all over again.  It's something about airplane air or hotel rooms or something that makes my body revolt.  Midway through the 5 hour flight I started feeling the sinuses blocking up.  I got off the plane and after we made it to the hotel, went for a 4ish mile run around the Lake.  It was pretty awesome, it's so well lit, it made me wish for a second that I could be out there running when it was dark on Sunday, but then I realized that would mean I'd have to be out there a really long time, and decided I would rather just finish.

I felt kind of achy, achey, however you would spell that word, but not too bad.  Made it through the run and as our hotel is super duper close to the action, walked through the parking lot to Z'Tejas and chomped up a delicious meal.  We also noticed a higher volume of students than in previous years, and for good reason: tomorrow the ASU Sun Devils take on the Wildcats of Arizona at Sun Devil Stadium.  Normally we've seen the number of students be pretty low, as we suspect they take off early for Thanksgiving.  After all, they DO got to Arizona State...

Anyway there was apparently some sort of joint UA-ASU bar crawl, which meant a lot of kids going out and getting to have fun.  Of course, we were asleep before 9 (11pm out time).  When Zero arrived after 10, I didn't even hear it.  I did not sleep well, the Claritin I took really dried me up.  My throat hurt, my nose was stuffy, I had a headache.  Not good.  I'm just hoping that I have enough time to kick it before Sunday morning, because I'd rather not have to take any more medicine tomorrow.

Today we walked through campus and hit up an IHOP.  It was funny to see all the kids on campus, how small they were, texting while skateboarding.  We almost sat in on a class, but then decided to check in and hit the expo instead.  That was done pretty quick, and then we picked up some things.  I lost my watch a week or two ago, so I picked up a watch at the Timex booth, and Zero got some sweet new K-SWISS kicks (two paiirrrr).  Then it was time for lunch: CHRONIC TACO.  This is seriously the highlight of the entire trip, and probably 90% of the reason Zero came out to watch.  My parents had just arrived so they joined (thanks dad for lunch!) and now I'm sitting here debating whether I should try to ride or not.  Originally my intention was to do one of the loops, but at 37 miles and close to 2 hours on the bike altogether, I don't think my body is up for it right now.  I'll probably just do an hour. 

Tonight I'll eat a little less for dinner I think, and maybe not gravitate towards Mexican again, and hopefully by tomorrow can feel a bit better.  The plan will be to get in the water briefly for the practice swim and then a short run, and then off the feet for the rest of the day.  It's ashame you have to be so boring when you go visit these places sometime! 

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Kick ass out there!