Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What Cures Taste Loss?


That's from one of my favorite commercials, I believe it's a Miller Lite commercial but could be Bud Light because generally (sorry Bren) ML commercials are rarely as funny as BL ones. 

So my sickness did not improve over the weekend.  In fact, it became worse.  By Monday, I couldn't stand it anymore.  I went down to the CVS Minute Clinic, was seen by a Russian quasi-doctor/nurse type person, and finally got a prescription for some antibiotics.  My sinus was really, really infected and swollen.  The good news is I don't feel too sick, but I certainly don't feel good or comfortable doing anything.  Swimming has been particularly tough.  I had an okay swim on Friday, but my swim on Saturday was the worst I've ever had.  Green, thick mucous (mucus?) invaded my nasal passage and had me feeling terrible.

Fortunately, the antibiotic has helped a little, but even a full day on them hasn't seen the condition improve to where I'd like it.  My throat hurts a little, and my sinus is still hurting.  The green color has disappeared, which I suppose is good.

That puts you in a weird position, particularly in race week.  I know that pretty much nothing I do can help for Sunday, but anything I do can have a negative effect.  I have to be real careful with my energy expenditure.  For instance, right now it's almost midnight, and I'm simply not tired since we eat dinner real late on Tuesdays, and then I am wired. 

Friday night I managed to get in a real, legitimate long run - the first over 14 since the first weekend in April, and the first over 12.5 in maybe 5 weeks.  The weather was good, and I enjoy running on Friday evenings.  The pace was more than honest, and with 3 miles to go, I picked it up.  My foot was not pleased the next morning, which pestered me on my 3 hour ride, but I got through it.  Sunday I had planned on riding, but just wasn't feeling it, so I ran instead.  Pat and I didn't roll out until 2pm - and if you've ever been to Baltimore, you can imagine the cast of characters that would be sitting outside on stoops on a warm Sunday afternoon.  Also, we made the mistake of going on some of the more hood roads in town.  We made it through nearly 90 minutes without incident, and I called it a day.

Woke up on Monday feeling terrible, which is what prompted me to go to the quasi doc.  I did manage to run Monday evening, and felt okay.  Today my swim wasn't terrible, and my track workout was pretty decent.  My plan was to run 2-3x1600 with a minute rest at something comfortable, in the realm of my open half marathon pace.  I felt like I would run 5:50ish on the first one, and work down to 5:40 (at the fastest).  The idea was not to be cooked after the workout, just to get the legs turning over a little.  Obviously there is no point of the race on Sunday that I run anything close to that pace, so it doesn't make sense to run any faster than that. 

First one was 5:43, and I felt okay sitting at the back of the group.  Second was 5:40, and again, at the back of the group I was fine.  On the third one, my left quad started up with the same pain I felt during both my Columbia workout a few weeks back, and during Columbia, so I pulled up at 800 (2:47) and called it a day.  The work is done, no need to set myself back. 

From here, it's time to seriously chill.  No Weds Night Ride for me tomorrow; instead I'll do a 2 hour easy Gunpowder Loop.  Possibly the same on Thursday.  Swim one of the two days, swim short on Friday, run a few miles Friday, and get ready for Sunday.  At this point we're anticipating a no-wetsuit swim, so I'd like to have some arms and legs to be able to swim okay.  The rest of the forecast doesn't even matter.  It's Eagleman.  You have to plan for the worst.  If it's NOT hot and humid, you count your blessings. 

Thinking ahead past Sunday, I am trying to mentally prepare for possibly some time off from running.  It would kill me, because I've really been going strong since I started running again last year, but my foot has just gotten to a point that has me worried.  It hurts...all...the...time.  I honestly don't believe I could run a marathon right now, and it certainly won't get any better if I just hammer through to Louisville.  I really have no need to go run/walk 26 miles off the bike in August, and then do it again in November.  At least this year I do have a solid base of fitness, and could endure some time off without too much repercussion. 

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