Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know what you're thinking - 2 posts in one day? I hate reading this garbage, why is he posting more?

Well it's only because I feel like I accomplished something fairly significant tonight at the track. The weather was perfect for me to administer a hard workout to the hearty group that showed up for our last night. It was also perfect for me to attempt a run myself.

The goal was to run a half mile, bumping up a quarter mile from last week.

It was really nice and after 800m (4:34 - yikes) I kept going with Denise running alongside of me for a 4:18 second half (8:52 1600). Denise just won the Harrisburg Marathon over the weekend in 3:02 for her 2nd marathon win of the year.

While that is a slow mile, it's amazingly not the slowest mile I've run this year. That honor would belong to the 11 minute miles I was dropping at the end of Boston.

But whatever I ran and that's all that matters. My knee hurt(s) but I did it. Tomorrow I may continue to pay for it.

Here's a little quote from Ryan Hall's post-NYC blog:

"get back up, even if you have been down for awhile, and keep going at it. I am sure you won’t regret that you did. "

I'll keep it in mind, but I'd like to know when he's really been "down" - ha!


fbg said...

I was thinking how slow your half mile and mile sounded until I realized that 9-minute pace is faster than a lot of my friends who have been doing road races for years. I mean, the last time I ran an honest all-out 8+ minute mile, I was in the fourth grade, but that also means there are lots of healthy people out there who can't do that.

I guess all of that doesn't matter, because you and I both hate being slow. Your reign on bottom will be short like leprechauns.

Ben said...

awesome Ryan! i wish i would have stuck around to see it.

RM said...

"I was thinking how slow your half mile and mile sounded" - ha, thanks Bri. I was unfortunate enough to have to run that slow.

I paid for the run today, as I really just should not have attempted to run that much, but I'll live. Apparently I'm supposed to start with 1min on/1min off for 20 minutes, and I'm not supposed to start that til 10 weeks, which is this Friday.