Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 Days Later

It's been 3 days and I'm still pretty sore. I suppose that's about right. Last year I didn't really run the half marathon at Eagleman. Walking doesn't take it out of you like running does. Even though I was completely trashed following last year's event, took 3 days completely off and didn't run again til Friday, I managed to run a 5 mile race on that following Saturday.

My left hamstring and my right inner thigh are the worst, which I feel is probably more from the bike than the run. I did man up and run at Fed Hill Monday night, 7 miles - and was fortunate that the usually aggressive group was kind enough to keep it slow.

Yesterday, as a result, I was in even worse shape, so I took the day off. It was actually pretty nice - I skipped my first Tuesday Night Track workout since July of 2007. Considering I'm at just about everything all of the time, I cherished the night off. I went to watch the Mets play the Orioles and even kept the phone away from me. Tonight is another game, and tomorrow as well. Then some old friends come into town this weekend.

One thing I'd like to make note of is the influx of really positive messages from my friends following the race. I think most of them know how much I put into the sport, and have seen the wind knocked out of my sails on more than one occasion.

Will: "Congrats man...awesome race. Yesterday redemption was spelled, R-Y-A-N!"

Brian Shea: "Ryan, Great seeing you this glad you were able to pop a solid race!"

Hollywood: "Seeing your race made my weekend. Breakthrough at last. Really glad it happened for you, and hopefully it made all the tough races worth it."

It really means a lot to me that my friends are so vested in my races, and I'm always floored by the responses that I get. Lately it's been more of the "tough break" variety, so it's nice to get some positive ones.

And of course I was remiss to not mention my friend Kelzie, who finished 26th amongst all women (in the same time I completed Providence last year) and picked up a slot to Clearwater. Alyssa got her spot, Spider got his, my friend Kevin Kendro got his. It's like everyone got invited to a sweet party by the most popular kid in school, except for me, and then they throw flaming bags of dog shit on my door.

Who am I kidding - I was the most popular kid in school and never got "not-invited" to anything, so I don't really care. I don't think Clearwater is something I could do this year anyway, as it's just two weeks prior to Arizona and I don't need to fudge that up.

In other news, I feel like I'm copying and pasting from a page in Dr. J's life, as I've eaten at a number of places she has visited recently. Last week it was HarborQue, a new bbq restaurant on Lawrence down in Locust Point. Very good. Then it was Mr. Yogato, the popular yogurt place in Fells Point on Broadway. And finally yesterday I made it to Elevation Burger in Harbor East. Colin was quick to point out that it was similar to In-N-Out Burger, which I partially agreed with. In-N-Out is way better and has more character. Also it's in California, not Harbor East.

Finally, every so often I get back into my artsy/indie film kick. I don't go as far to see movies with subtitles or real dumb shit, but there are a few movies that I know will be in limited theaters that I do want to see. Fortunately we have two theaters in town that play these types of movies. Rudo y Corsi, Away We Go and Funny People are the three movies I want to see. I saw The Hangover the other day and it was great. Next big blockbuster is Transformers.


Funnyrunner said...

That's good, being sore. It means you didn't leave much, if anything, on the table! I ran a marathon once just to run it with my sister in law so she could finish her first one... and I wasn't sore AT ALL the next day. It was slow, slow, slow... but quite enjoyable.

RM said...

Well you're right - I unfortunately don't think I could have gone a whole lot faster, but in reality and out of necessity, I do have to go faster in 4 weeks!

PR said...

Damn I love In-N-Out.

Thanks again for the O's tickets (and to Brennan as well). While the Braves were falling to pieces in Baltimore, it's nice to know that you were meanwhile busy crushing it at Eagleman.

Lindsey Jerdonek said...

glad you're enjoying your well-earned recovery with BASEBALL! On Monday night I made a rare appearance... out. at a restaurant & in a DRESS.

and wtf you know kelzie, too? pass along my best to almost-dr john spider

RM said...

PR, I wanted to ask how the game was but when I saw the score I figured that said it all. At least you got to go!

LJ, you had a sweet race! I'm taking it easy through this week then going to set up two weeks of solid training before bringing it down leading into Providence.

I met Kelzie last summer, she ran with us one day at Greebelt, and of course I always bump into her at races.

Did Spider tell you he's almost a doctor? Man that guy certainly likes to talk about himself! Ha. He IS a doctor, I guess, I mean he works in the ER and can prescribe medicine, I just suppose this is his last year of residency or whatever.

Lindsey Jerdonek said...

you're doing Rhode Island? I think I am too... :) let's KIT